Introduction of Saeko Morishiro and AENA

The creation and evolution of the love universe system AENA

Saeko is a very loving and kind woman. She is also a very powerful light being stayed in the earth. She created the ascension destination, love universe system, “AENA” based on the solar system. About eleven years ago, Yang who is her twin frame said, “The Earth’s Calendar will be over. This is our seventh last chance.” Yang was a multiple being with the human body. By the time she met Yang, she had learned a great deal about zero points and space creation from the beginning of the primordial from Japanese master named Ueki.

◇ First of all, with the alchemy of Yang, Saeko’s consciousness was removed from her body and her consciousness was diverted to the zero field (perfect dark world). So she met and linked to the first light (point) that is the beginning of the universe. Soon after that she was resurrected.

◇ Second, she had to define love in her own words. She created 13 elements of love. 13 elements of love include Courage, Joy, Trust, Bliss, Gratitude, Freedom, Laughter, Beauty, Wealth, Wisdom, Honesty, Compassion, and Hope.

◇ She had a mission to update the structure of double tetrahedron, which is the mercaba of this earth , in creating “AENA”. This new Mercaba is an AENA Mercaba with twin pyramid structure compatible with previous Mercaba. The keyhole that exists in the Mercaba is six-pointed star. The key is Love. Love unites and evolves the new and old universe.

◇ In 2012, the basic structure of AENA Mercaba was completed. After that, based on the 13 elements of love and AENA Mercaba, she decided on the details of the new universe one after another.

A new advanced space system “one” coexisting as two evolutionary process was created in Dec.2018. As a result, all life forms can now be ascended to the appropriate field. One is called Planetary New Earth, and the other is called Stellar True Earth. In the Planetary system New Earth, there is a field that spends preparation time for those who can not reach 5 dimensional consciousness. The fields themselves are all 5 dimensions or more. The latter Stellar True earth has evolved significantly.

*She kept in touch with Ashtar, and recently Sirius, and with the help of her twin frames Yang, completed this True Earth system.

Yang was on the timeline from the future. And he always carried out the mission in coordination with the multiple conscious being needed for his light work. According to Yan, the original plan was that only women could be ascended.

However, thanks to Saeko, the True Earth system has entered at timeline where all beings can evolve according to their own frequency.

As of May 23, 2019, having already entered the true earth of this advanced plural love, the structure of AENA is certain and perfect, so its timeline is fixed, and the evolution and integration into the consciousness of love continues doing.